Harness the Power of Technology and Embrace the Multi-Platform World

Digital media affords us with the opportunity and imperative to fully become a multi-platform content creator.  We must build a multi-platform approach into the ‘DNA’ of our work. 

Each time we create or curate content, we must think about how we can structure, enrich, and extend the content by taking advantage of all the delivery platforms at our disposal.  The digital delivery options we have today provide us with freedom from the constraints of the hourly ‘clock’ and opportunities to provide the level of access and customization that our audience has come to expect and demand.  

Nurture an Organizational Culture of Creativity & Innovation

We are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and making NHPR a great place to work.  To that end we will recruit, support, and retain a talented, creative, and motivated workforce. We will encourage them to imagine possibilities, risk new approaches, and continually learn from their experiences. We will put into place the professional development, systems and processes that support innovation and provide the flexibility and agility needed to adapt to the changing needs and demands of our audience.  

Use Data, Metrics, & Disciplined Thinking to Improve Our Service

We will use agreed-upon metrics and rigorous measurement standards to set goals, evaluate our progress, and make course adjustments. We will put into place the systems and algorithms that allow us to connect with, understand, and learn from our audience so that we can provide better content and service.  In addition we will strive to develop tools that measure the impact of our reporting in the broader community.

Employ Strategic Marketing and Strong Brand Management

We recognize that brand management and consistent, strategic marketing are essential tools for deepening our relationship with people who already know us and connecting with those who don’t. We will use traditional and digital marketing to introduce the broader community to NHPR and attract new audiences. We will work to reduce NHPR/NPR brand confusion, strengthening our role as content creators and curators - NHPR as New Hampshire’s home for exceptional content on the radio, online, and across digital media.