Our Business model

Listeners are at the heart of NHPR’s business model. Content excellence attracts audiences and builds loyalty.

Listeners often tell us that they don’t know what they’d do without NHPR.  This deeply felt connection leads to financial support. Contributions from 20,000 households and 450 corporations and foundations make this news and information service possible. 

As our business model map illustrates, Content, Engagement and Support are the pillars of our public service.  

The Innovation Campaign articulates a series of programming investments that will ensure the growth and increase the relevance of New Hampshire Public Radio. This $5 million investment will allow us to expand the depth and breadth of our coverage at an accelerated pace. We’ve sized this campaign so that within six years – by July 2021 – these investments will be supported by the annual operating budget. In parallel, we will continue to add to the Innovation Fund balance recognizing that our need to grow and innovate will continue. 

Our revenue model is a simple one: Annual Fund Revenue + Innovation Fund Investments = Sustainability

Key to NHPR's long-term revenue growth is our Sustainer Program. The Sustainer Program allows members to make monthly contributions through automatic deductions from their checking account or credit card, similar to a subscription to Netflix or a gym membership.

The convenience of automatic monthly installments leads to increased annual giving and higher retention rates. First-time donors to NHPR have a 51% rate of renewal. Multi-year contributors renew at a rate of 74%, while Sustainers renew at a rate of 93%. Our financial models project that Sustainer participation will grow from today’s rate of 52% to 68% by 2021, resulting in $1,026,635 in new revenue.

NHPR’s Leadership Circle contributions have grown at an annual rate of 22%. While Major Gift contributions may grow at a slower rate over the life of the Campaign, we know from experience that revenue is likely to increase significantly after Campaign pledges have been fulfilled. Post-Campaign, we expect Major Giving revenue to increase at a rate of 8% per year. 

Membership and corporate underwriting revenue, which together comprise approximately 82% of total revenue will not be affected by the Campaign.

Finally, the new initiatives outlined in the Innovation Fund Case Statement offer both broadcast and digital revenue opportunities, from content sponsorships to crowdfunding opportunities (i.e. Kickstarter, GoFundMe or Indigogo). It should be noted that these new revenue opportunities were not included as part of our financial modeling. 

We based our ability to sustain these investments through the Annual Operating Fund on our revenue growth experience regarding our current revenue streams.