Can Sam Keep Up With an Ultramarathoner?

Kale Poland does ultra-marathons, the name is a little misleading, as it now encompasses a lot of really long races of every sort, including triathlons. You may have heard of the Ironman competition: 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a marathon. 

That's nothing for Kale. He has done many 50-mile running races, of course, also a few double-ironman races, even triple and quintuple ironman distance events. But in 2012, he was the seventh American ever to complete what he calls a “deca”. That’s ten times the distance of an Ironman. That’s a 24 mile swim, a 1,120 mile bike ride, and a 262 mile run.

Sam spent a morning with Kale and put together this long-form narrative feature. Along with producer Logan Shannon, he also produced the short video below, for which Sam hopped on a bike and strapped on some nordic skis. Take a look and a  listen.

Pier Pressure

...or I'll Give You My Dock When You Pry it From My Cold, Dead Hands

In 1998, Taylor's dad spent thousands of dollars building one of the most beautiful, most elaborate docks on Franklin Pierce Lake in New Hampshire. There was just one problem – it was illegal.

In this story, we hear about Quimby’s seventeen-year battle with the NH Department of Environmental Services, and find out why small-scale environmental regulations are so hard to enforce.