Geographic Diversity Study: The Exchange & News Features

The data represented below reflects a survey of the New England towns and regions represented by the voices in four weeks of NHPR News features and The Exchange programs. 

Data on the map and chart represents the first week of December 2014, the second week of January 2014, the third week of February 2015, and the fourth week of March 2015.

Method notes:

  • Voices from outside New England (authors or experts on The Exchange, for instance) were excluded from the data.
  • Journalists were assigned to the city their outlet represents (Union Leader = Manchester, for example)
  • Lawmakers were assigned to the city they live in, with the exception of Governor Hassan, who was assigned to Concord in the Capital region
  • NHPR reporters in 2-ways were assigned to Concord, with the exception of Sean Hurley (first person features), who was assigned to Thornton. Chris Jensen's voice did not appear in any two-ways
  • Scholars were assigned to the city in which their institution resides (Dean Spiliotes = Hooksett, for example)

The map was produced in Batchgeo and clusters data by region. Click on a batch wheel the or zoom in to a region for more detail.

The chart represents New Hampshire regions represented the data (Capital, North Country, Lakes Region, etc.)

Reporters are represented by different colors (see map key). Use the drop-down menu to view data by individual reporter. (The Exchange = Knoy)

Diversity of voices map

View Voice Diversity - 3 Weeks in a full screen map

Chart: Diversity of voices by N.H. Region